as a part of your

Essential Nature

              TANTRA MENU

Each Tantra adventure is uniquely tailored

to meet your particular needs

in the moment.


We'll talk with you before beginning

to best shape your experience.

Here are some options.



Shiva-Shakti (male-female awareness)

Conscious Breathing

Raising energy

Nurturing Techniques

Awakening the Chakras

Meditation Techniques

Heart-to-heart Harmonizing

Understanding Emotions

Touch modalities

Self-touch & Self-Loving

How to touch for pleasure/sensuality

How to touch for healing/nurturing

Love Language & Communication


Sacred Space

Energy Transmission & Absorption

Expanding Pleasure Boundaries

How to Receive without Giving

How to Give without Expectations

The use of Eyes

External Pressure Points

Holding Space for Transformation

Opening Listening

White Tantra Asanas (postures)

10-minute connects

















Advanced Conscious Breathing

Pillow Talk & Communication

Sacred Kissing

Yab Yum

Breast & Chest Awakening

Ejaculatory Choice

Advanced Energy Techinques

Ways to Pleasure a Woman

Ways to Pleasure a Man

Bandhas - Building a Charge

Pleasuring the “Pearl”

Sacred Spot Yoni

Sacred Spot Base


Hand-Assisted Techniques for Lingams

Hand-Assisted Techniques for Yonis


Base Chakra Opening – External & Internal

Lovemaking Positions

Sacred Geometry – Mudras & Yantras

Shakti opening & energy activation

Pelvic release techniques

Puja for Two