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Sexual Potential & Life-Energy


      Our approach to sexual healing is based on an energetic model, and sexuality is one of the expressions of that life-energy. Sexuality is one of the ways you can really tap into your unique expression of life-energy and awaken a profound dimension of your sense of Self. Its significance is reflected in the fact that sexuality is the most fundamental aspect of the creative drive in the universe.

      Selfhood issues of how you see yourself, how your partner treats you, and how you think your partner sees you, not only impact the quality of your relationship, they can obscure your essential Self and also stimulate sexual discord.

      Sexual discord gets lodged in your body as tightness, and in your mind as lack of presence. This has a direct impact upon the quality and quantity, the accumulation and distribution of your “life force” (life-energy).

      Hold your body tight or dissociate from the present experience and you will inhibit your ability to skillfully build arousal, sustain pleasure,  or allow the release of your sexual energy.Sexual discord always interrupts your life-energy flow and therefore weakens manifestation of your essential nature, your most authentic sense of your self.

      A body-mind energetic perspective helps you discover how the content of your emotional issues impact your body and expression of your authentic essential self. You discover where and how you shut off from the natural flow of life-energy and your feelings, and you learn how to release the tightness, bring yourself into the present, and experience the pleasure of your own aliveness as life-energy expanding and flowing freely..  

      Without an honest felt sense of your essential Self, it’s impossible to manifest your full sexual potential.





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