Tantra Vacation seminar… a full day of Tantric immersion with beginning and advanced practices and teachings, for all Tantric seekers.


Remember a time when you felt open and connected to a lover and to your Self. Recall how excited you were about the potential of your love life. Now imagine one whole day of this bliss and you’re on vacation in a healing sanctuary that is in this world but 'out of this world', where time flows differently.


Tantra can be a powerful and direct way to quickly move through limiting beliefs, blocks and fears and enhance intimacy. You will discover new ways to deeply connect and transform your relationship in all aspects of your life.


You will be led through practices designed to empower you into new levels of Wholeness. You will awaken consciousness, resolve old injuries, and feel new levels of love and aliveness. Tantra will help you develop and expand soul-filled sexuality, one that includes yet goes far beyond normal genital arousal. 


As advanced Tantra educators, Dr. Zeb and Candance will skillfully and gently guide you through both Red and White Tantra, and effective relationship skills in a way for you to take them home for ongoing practice. 


Couples are gently supported to develop their ability to create more fulfillment, depth and pleasure in all aspects of their relating. Singles will awaken a stronger more alive self and discover all sorts of Tantric miracles within the safe environment that we provide.


This journey will support you to grow a more profound relationship with yourself, your spirituality, and your ability to love and be loved. You will feel revitalized physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually during this ultimate day of Tantra.


You owe yourself a true vacation, one that won’t tire you out. The Tantric secrets you’ll learn this day are something you will treasure for a lifetime. Join us for a fun filled day of Tantra in our temple-like retreat center, Ashland Chakra Garden. Take a vacation in the quaint town of Ashland, Oregon.


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