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Oregon Tantra Sanctuary

at Chakra Garden of Ashland

Self & Relationship

Intimacy Deepening & Healing
Somatic Psychology ° Bodywork ° Energy Tune-ups

 ° Tantra Yoga Education °
Experiential guidance for couples or singles
Weekly Meditation classes ° Monthly Pujas ° Groups
Private Sessions from one hour to multi-days
On-site cottages available for Ashland Visitors


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Hello and Welcome..

At Oregon Tantra Sanctuary our environment, and our perspective, are orchestrated with the intention of waking you up to feeling your own wholeness as a full-body experience of your essential nature and to deeping relationship with yourself and another. OTS is located in a private retreat space consisting of a vintage house and three small cottages, nestled in a garden retreat (Chakra Garden of Ashland), 4-blocks north of Ashland's downtown plaza and Lithia Park.

We, Dr. Zeb & Dakini Candance, are both life-energy oriented body-mind healers, each with more than 30-years experience, training, and study. Our environment is a private, earthy, healing sanctuary, located in the artistic and health-oriented community of Ashland, Oregon. Travelers have come to basque in our town's Lithia Waters since the 1870s and to enjoy the world-renowned repretory company, Oregon Shakespeare Theatre, since the 1930s.

As healers and teachers, we are particularly interested in helping you uncover more intimacy with your Self and evolve more meaningful relationships with Others. We are honored to guide you towards self-discovery and embodied wholeness as you uncover the qualities of your own aliveness.

If you choose to stay with us for a healing retreat, we offer quiet, modern, clean cottages that open into the Chakra Garden. Our professional offices include two temple areas, a spacious main house with a private consulting room and an area for small group classes.

The healing philosophy at Oregon Tantra Sanctuary is a unique blend of Somatic Psychology and Tantra Yoga.

From the Psychology perspective, we don’t sit you in a chair and analyze you.  We guide Somatic (bodymind) Psychology skills like finding meaning, deep listening, core communication. You’ll attune more adeptly to the qualities inherent in your authentic self, not only as a concept, but as you feel it in your body, right now, in the beauty of the present moment. 

From the Yoga perspective, we don’t ask you to bend into pretzels or entwine in some complex posture. We guide simple Tantra Yoga tools like conscious breathing, transmission of vitality, and aware touch. You’ll awaken to more mutual experience of aliveness, sensation, and connection in all of your Being.





      Our unique property offers you

            intimate opportunities to:

  • Experience more joy & intimacy.
  • Deepen your emotional & spiritual connection to your life & your partner.
  • Restore balance & harmony in your world, even with a stressful, hectic lifestyle.
  • Discover your sexuality as a path of spiritual growth & self-realization that celebrates body, self & spirit.
  • Become more vital, creative, radiant, & open-hearted.
  • Experience the sacred dimensions of relationship.
  • Find wholeness & liberation from past emotional/sexual wounding.
  • Become a better, more confident lover.
  • Relieve the sense that you are missing something.
  • Discover there really is something more to relationship and sex.
  • Develop trust.
  • Communicate more authentically & deeply.
  • Uncover connection to the Divine within yourself and the Divine within another.
  • Explore opportunities to expand sensation & experience of sexual pleasure.
  • Learn how to heal old emotional injuries & change habitual patterns.
  • Open all your chakras (life-energy centers) to the qualities of LOVE






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Learn with one or both
  Dr. Zeb   /   Dakini Candance

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