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Puja for Two


Relax & Open into the Arms of Love


Puja is a Tantra Yoga practice for making sacred, or meaningful, the Communion of Love. Sometimes communion is with the Divine, a particular god or goddess; sometimes communion is with the god or goddess essence within our Beloved; sometimes communion is with the Divine within our own selves.

At Oregon Tantra Sanctuary...

Puja for Two is a guided ceremony of ritual communion. 

Where in my body do I feel connection with my partner?

How can I open myself more to receive and to give without strain?

Puja for Two is an orchestrated Love Fest, a celebration of discovery.

What happens if I do differently something that is familiar?

What do I discover when exploring territory I’ve never dared before?

Puja for Two is a path for Presence, for softness, love, & meaningful contact in each moment.

What am I feeling now?

What do I feel from/with/inside my partner?

Puja for Two is an unfolding adventure of sensation.

How can I spread that tingling aliveness throughout my body?

How can support our mutual experience of pleasure?

Puja for Two is a space to make your love sacred & spiritual.

Where do I experience love as a divine meeting of essences?

How can I honor our intimacy and your special inner grace?

Share essential energies of Love

                     Deepen the quality of your Bond

     Puja for Two is a mostly experiential 2+ hour experience of loving connection. We guide a fun journey that helps you connect in different ways, plus heighten intimacy, depth of meaning, and contact in your relationship.

     Our playful mix of ancient and modern body/heart/mind practices reliably stimulate mutual attunement and energetic body awakening, arouse desire, and magnify inner-passion.

     Discover entire conversations without words, a language of contact beyond your habitual stories.








                  ...Bring more Love, Passion and Joy into your life!

Talk, Teach, Touch…

Listen, Learn, Linger…

Express, Expand, Excite…

Communicate, Cultivate, Connect…

Share, Sense, Stimulate…

Laugh, Live, Love…