The sexual union depicted in Tantric paintings and carved onto temple walls is symbolic of what can be achieved by joining feminine and masculine energy inside yourself and / or with another.


          Your sexual potential is far greater than a mere genital orgasm.

Developing your full sexual potential, what you see as ideally available to you, goes well beyond the ability to simply achieve orgasm. We take a wholistic approach to cultivating sexual potential as it integrates body energetics, relationship dynamics, and emotional experience. This lays the ground for a truly erotic encounter.

Love and sexual excitement are emotional body felt experiences. They are sustainable when they originate from your personal, internal source of erotic excitement. Your sexual potential is about experiencing what is possible by fully expanding and opening in your whole being, in your emotional heart and in your physical body, so that the fullness and wholeness of your total being is experienced in your sexual life. When you are aroused in your whole body, you can join with another person with full emotional contact, and sparks will fly. You can love and be turned on by someone, and yet if they don't love or can't turn themselves on, they won't feel your love or be sexually excited.

Eroticism arises when you feel an internal experience of sexual energy together with your five senses. The concert of all your senses help you spread erotic energy throughout your entire body. As sexual energy arises from your pelvis and joins with the energy circulating throughout the entire body, it not only intensifies all your senses, but awakens eroticism. It radiates from the body like a light from a candle.

This self-generated awakening is cyclical and perpetual, your sexual energy, heightened sensual awareness and ability to feel your interior body experience as it is occurring (rather than your thoughts), all magnify one another.

Sex lacks eroticism when your senses are not fully engaged. Engaging your senses means receiving full pleasure through all your senses. Not being present to your senses is like a mindless hug. Intimacy with awareness to what you are feeling now is like giving back your heart to yourself. In this way, you cultivate intimacy with the ordinary. You don’t take it for granted and you don't become bored with it. The ordinary become extra-ordinary. It brings added delight to whatever you do, no matter how mundane.

Bring the erotic You to every moment of your life and you'll create a heightened experience of aliveness. You learn to sustain an internal sense of a self-validating inner voice that you can feel in your body and reawaken a body experience of your most authentic self. This is vital because whenever you meet with intense and profound experiences in life, such as injury, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality, your ability to sustain your sense of self is always the most difficult thing to do. When you are grounded in inner stability you can be fully available to any experience.

Eroticism takes on a different quality depending on what part or how much of the body is aroused through the senses. Erotic sensations feel differently when they are focused on the first chakra where the emotional issue is based on security, belonging, and attachment, than when they are focused on the other chakra centers with issues based on sexuality, power, loving or more spiritual levels of consciousness. When erotic energy is focused on the power of the third chakra, it is more aggressive than when it is focused on the heart chakra and sensations of love. Yet, by combining the two you get assertive loving feelings. Add erotic energy and your passions will ignite your sexuality and your love.

What is important is to become at ease with intense and authentic experiences found in each chakra center. With Dr. Zeb and Dakini Candance you learn to do this by becoming skill full at building, containing, spreading, and releasing the large amounts of energy in your body that naturally comes with these intense experiences, and staying grounded and in touch with what is genuine to you (inner awareness and healthy boundaries) so you can show up fully.

Our wholistic approach to cultivating sexual potential

can help you do this.